Lítla skrímsl tekur yvir

Skrímslateknari og -høvundur Áslaug Jónsdóttir hevur fingið sær nakrar væltiltrongdar frídagar. Ímeðan tekur lítla skrímsl yvir í teknistovuni:

Hvat man lítla skrímsl teknað?


Í heyst kemur nýggja skrímslabókin “Skrímslakiskan”. Stór og smá skrímsl bíðja spent!

Her eru tveir bloggarfrá arbeiðsborðinum hjá Áslaug :



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2 Responses to Lítla skrímsl tekur yvir

  1. Hi,
    My children and I are embarking on a project in 2015, “Around the World in 180 books”. This is the follow-on from this year’s project, “Around the World in 180 postcards”. We are desperate for help with recommendations for books, written by natives, who preferably are still resident in their home country. They need to be suitable for a girl aged 6 and/or a boy aged 10. We are also happy to include books on the strength of their illustrator only. They do need to be books that have been translated into English. Are any of your monster books in English? Do you have any recommendations for Greenland? You welcome to look up our current list at our blog.
    Your help, or being pointed towards a resource for help, very very much appreciated.
    Joy, Anna and Tom Leavesley

    • Rakel says:

      The monster books have not been published in any english speaking country yet, but are at the monent in 14 different languages.
      I can’t unfortunatly help you with books from Greenland, as my knowlegde is too sparse, but you can try here: http://milik.gl/
      Good luck with your very fine project! Your chlidren will have a rich knowlegde on books and the wold as teh grow up 🙂
      Kind regards

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