Litava 2. dagur – Tíðin stendur í stað í klokkusavninum / Lithuania 2. Day – The Time Has Stopped at the Clock Museum.

Annar dagurin á ferðini fór við tveimum skrímslaverkstovunum á Bókamessuni í Klaipeda og gongutúri og savnsvitjanum í Klaipeda. 

The second day of the trip went with two monster workshops for children at Klaipeda’s book fair, walk and museum visits in the city.

Her er  lýsing av Bókamessuni í Klaipeda: / Here are some informations on Klaipeda Book Fair: 

“Klaipėda County Public I. Simonaitytė library and Lithuanian small and medium-sized publishers’ association invite Klaipėda residents and guests of the city to the Klaipėda Book Fair, October 1–3.

At the fair, LCC International University library offers a unique opportunity to purchase scientific as well as fiction literature in English for your reading collection.

Visitors will be able to participate in newest book presentations, film screenings, and concerts, discussions with representatives of publishing houses and meetings with book authors.”

Her er eitt sindur um óvanliga Klokkusavnið: / Here are a little information about the curious Clock and Watch Museum:

laikrodziu muziejus

Klaipeda Clocks Museum was opened 27 July 1984. The history of the building comes back to the 19th century. Klaipeda traders started to build their residences in the outskirts at that time. The idea of establishing Clock and Watch Museum was born not accidentally. The first exhibition of ancient clocks and watches was opened Klaipeda Art Gallery in 1977. It was formed with the help of Vytautas Jakelaitis, Dionyzas Varkalis and other Klaipeda collectors. The exhibition interested the citizens of Klaipeda and the guests very much. In 1979 the Clock and Watch Museum was established on the on initiative of Pranas Gudynas and Romualdas Budrys, the leaders of Lithuanian Art Museum. It became the branch of Lithuanian Art Museum. The exhibition was supplemented and completed by clocks and watches from Art Museum. The clocks and watches of the end of the 19th, the beginning of the 20th century made the basic part of the exhibition.The Clock and Watch Museum consists of three parts: development of clock and watch constructions; development of clock and watch-making styles.

HER ber til at síggja meira um áhugaverdu framsýningina “CHRONOMETRAI“. / HERE are some more information about the interesting exhibition “CHRONOMETRAI”

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