Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 4. ferð / 4th time

Á stóru bókamessuni í Frankfurt var 17. oktober avdúka at undrirritaða aftur er tilnevnd stóru ALMA-heiðurslønina. Hetta er fjóðra ferðin eg er tilnevnd hendan stóra heiður fyri Føroyar.

Tað verður avdúkað á bókamessuni í Bologna í apríl 2020, hvør fær heiðurin.

Hetta sigur tilnevningarnevndin m.a.
“Grounds for nomination:
Rakel is a colourful and very passionate person who will not accept unfair reatment of others. Her stories focus on human relations, and using different techniques, she is always driven by high artistic quality. As oral storyteller, she takes the audience into her imaginary world, using her voice as an emotional instrument. Rakel is also proactive in getting children and youngsters to read and write.”

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